Welcoming families and friends to actively participate in pregnancy, labor, and birth

Juneau Family Health and Birth Center
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Welcome to the Birth Center

Where love grows....

We will honor women's wisdom and knowledge of their own bodies, and we will trust the rightness of the birth process

The Birth Center at Juneau Family Health and Birth Center offers a caring, warm, and home-like environment in which to welcome your child to the world: a place where you can feel supported and respected as well as safe and secure. We focus on family bonding while maintaining safety for the mother and baby, transforming birth into a growing experience for the woman and family. The Birth Center provides the privacy and comfort of a homelike setting with the safety and experience of professional care by certified midwives.

Midwives view birth as a normal, healthy event, and a complex and empowering life experience for women and their families. We honor women's wisdom and knowledge of their bodies, and trust in the rightness of the birth process. We welcome families and friends to actively participate in pregnancy, labor,and birth, making birth a full family event.

forest room

The Birth Center Facility offers three private birthing suites each with:

  • a private bathroom, a queen sized bed, a rocking chair, and a beautiful labor/birth tub with handmade tilework
  • a place for you to be comfortable in your own clothing, eat when you feel hungry, move around as your labor progresses, take a shower or soak in the tub as you prefer
  • the choice of a comfortable and safe water birth
  • a postpartum healing bath for both mom and baby
  • complete emergency equipment and training

The Birth Center also has:

  • a family room with kitchen, games, and television for your guests to use as they wait
  • an activity room for other children to spend time in while they wait.
  • easy access to Bartlett Regional Hospital (located within a quarter mile)

Learn more about us and what we offer:

  • Tour the Birth Center ~ Our new Birth Center is a warm, inviting space to welcome your child into the world. See our beautiful, comforting, private birthing rooms with jacuzzi tubs.
  • Services Provided ~ What we offer you during the childbearing year. Find out more about our prenatal exams, labor and birth support, doula services and much more.
  • Meet our Staff ~ The staff of the Juneau Family Health and Birth Center is eager to help you have the birth experience your looking for. Meet the midwives, students, doulas, office staff and our board of directors.
  • Babies and Families ~ Our focus is on your family, and we celebrate each baby. Click here to see recent birth announcements, birth stories, and photos.