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Fees and Insurance

The Juneau Family Health and Birth Center (JFHBC) is a non-profit organization supported primarily by earned income and in part by grant funding. Each client will be responsible for some or all of the fees pertaining to their care. We are happy to bill Denali Kid Care and/or your insurance company, however, any amount not covered by these must be paid according to the payment plan you negotiate with us.

What Will Our Services Cost?

This may vary depending upon your individual circumstances. We will work with you to provide an estimate of your portion of the costs. Because this is just an estimate, you will receive a monthly bill with your specific charges or a reimbursement at the end of your care depending on these circumstances.We do offer an income based fee structure, and no one will be turned away for inability to pay. Please contact us to discuss options.

Pregnancy Testing


Consultation and Orientation


Childbirth Classes


Pregnancy Classes


Parenting Classes


Parenting Groups


Lending Library


Midwifery Package - Includes prenatal, labor and birth, and six weeks of postpartum care for both mom and baby.

Contact us for estimate

Facility Fee

Contact us for estimate

Lab fees

Contact us for estimate

Infant Massage Instruction Contact us for price

Massage Therapy

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Prices Vary

Supplies (baby sling, breast pump, nursing bra)

Prices Vary


How Does Denali Kid Care/Medicaid Work?

For moms with Denali Kid Care/Medicaid (DKC), all costs are reimbursed by DKC or donated by JFHBC except for: massages, supplements and supplies. You are responsible for paying for these costs directly.

Apply for Denali Kid Care/Medicaid here, or contact us for assistance.

How Much Will My Insurance Reimburse?

Each insurance plan is different. Contact your insurance company directly to find out exactly what is covered. Most have a deductible and a co-payment amount to be paid by you. Please have this information when you come for your initial visit, or ask us for assistance. Any expenses not covered by your insurance will be expected to be paid at time of service. The estimated non-covered portion of the Midwifery Package is to be paid before your due date.

What if I Don’t Have Any Insurance or DKC/Medicaid or Medicare?

Apply for Denali Kid Care/Medicaid here.

We provide services to many families who self pay. Please talk with your midwife, or anyone on our staff to complete a payment plan.

We offer an income based fee structure for those who cannot afford to pay. Talk with us about applying for this plan. We will not turn anyone away for financial reasons, but we do expect you to take responsibility for making arrangements with us.

Are There Other Costs?

Physician visits, outpatient tests (such as ultrasound), supplements, supplies, and massages are your responsibility and must be paid to the clinic, hospital or physician involved.

In the event of a transport to the hospital, any service rendered by the ambulance or hospital are your responsibility. We will remain with you throughout, acting as a spokesperson familiar with your history and preferences.

Transfer of Care Policy

In the event that you transfer to another care provider before labor begins, you will be charged only for services you have received. If transport to the hospital is necessary after onset of labor, we will charge for labor monitoring by the hour. We will remain with you until after the birth and continue to provide care as needed until six weeks postpartum.